Pasta Pasta

Let me give you an idea of what our dinners are like lately. During dinner one night, maybe a month ago, George grabbed the lid from the top of a water bottle and laid it on its side. He put his finger on the top/ridged part of it and pushed down on it, so it rolled across the table. He thought it was the best thing ever, and he declared it his new favorite game. So now, this is what happens almost every night at dinner:

George runs around collecting bottle tops from anywhere he can find them. Vitamin containers, bottles of water, anything goes. Everyone gets a bottle top and we count down – 3- 2- 1…and everyone flicks their bottle lid across the table as fast as we can. Depending on how far your lid goes and where it ends up, you win.

The best part? He calls the bottle top racing game “Pasta Pasta.” I’m not sure what his logic was for naming it, but it is the cutest thing in the world when he runs up to the table with his bottle tops: “Okay now, let’s play Pasta Pasta!”

I hope I never forget how to play Pasta Pasta. When I’m on my deathbed, I want to play Pasta Pasta. ♥


We stopped at McDonalds; it’s just too easy when the kids are hungry! George was not giving Julius fries. So Julius starts screeching, of course….


George (to Julius): “No, you can’t have any fries, Julius.”

Me: “George, quit being a dictator.”

Ross cracks up.

Me: “What…?”

Ross: “I thought you were going to say ‘Quit being a dick,’ and that would have been awesome.”

I haven’t yet resorted to calling my child a dick. But I’ve been close.

Grumbly mumbly


As of today, I’m no longer stacking laundry baskets in the hallway. It’s one of those little things that piss off your spouse and you never really knew it. It’s good to figure out those little things about your spouse so you can change your quirks or habits early. Well, typically people find out about those things when they’re dating or newly married. Seven years in, we’re still finding out about each other. I love it though, because we make a huge joke out of it.

On our honeymoon in Fiji, I told Ross I was pretty sure the tide came in and out at the same time every day. Knowing I was wrong, he said “Oh, you know a lot about the tide?” So now, whenever I’m talking out of my ass he says, “You know a lot about the tide?” and it makes us both laugh. Or sometimes, we just get all grumbly mumbly when we disagree…like on where laundry baskets should be kept!

Ross:”Why do you always put the laundry baskets in the hallway? There’s plenty of room in the laundry room.”

Me:”I don’t really know. I guess I just got in the habit of stacking them in the hallway.”

Ross:”xyz@*&%…(grumbly mumbly).”


Ross.”What? Oh, I just said I love you.” –lands a big kiss on me–


This was our flight to Fiji (yep my hair was almost black here). This was the newlywed aisle and we all got free champagne! I heart Southwest.

This was our flight to Fiji (yep my hair was almost black here). This was the newlywed aisle and we all got free champagne! I heart Southwest.

Don't eat spanish mackerel. No matter what the locals tell you. Just don't.

Don’t eat Spanish mackerel. No matter what the locals tell you. Just don’t.

Poolside at our house in Savusavu...dreamy!

Poolside at our house in Savusavu…dreamy!

For a few years there, my dermatologist scared me away from the sun. I've since recovered, but was slathered in sunscreen the first few years of our marriage.

For a few years there, my dermatologist scared me away from the sun. I’ve since recovered, with a normal level of caution regarding overexposure, but was slathered in sunscreen the first few years of our marriage. 😉


Stepwise refinement

Half jokingly, I asked Ross if he knew what stepwise refinement was. He was on his phone, and I assumed he wasn’t actually listening to me, but then he looked up and said this gem:

“Usually the less I know, the better.”

Besides being hilarious, isn’t that the truth sometimes!? I play the dumb blonde card more than I care to admit, because it saves time, energy, and frustration and when people underestimate you it’s a good thing in my experience. More reasons to love that man. There’s a genius behind those muscles.

Things you overhear

I was making something in the kitchen and I heard George mumbling to himself in the living room. Of course I was curious what he was talking to himself about, so I stopped what I was doing and went over to eavesdrop. This is what I hear…so adorable!

…”The team races to the lighthouse…this is a job for the Paaaaw Patrolllll….!”


I was getting the boys ready one morning and Julius was all over George, as per usual, when he happened to sneeze.

George: “Argh! Waaaaahhhaa!”

Me: “What!? What’s wrong?”

George: “Julius blessed me!!”

He did probably get some baby snot on him, because Julius is always either on top of George or right next to him, but George’s panicky reaction was pretty funny. He obviously does not get the concept of a blessing yet!


I was watching Ross lay the hex tile in the upstairs bathroom and it looked amazing. I told him I loved it even more than the marble tile in our downstairs bedroom at home. Half-joking, I told him I wanted to take it to our house. He shook his head and said this gem:

“It’s like being a drug dealer, honey. You can’t take from your own stash. If you start doing that, you’re not going to make any money.”

Dropping the hammer

We have this “Story of Mom & Dad” book that we read to George before bed. It tells the story of how Ross and I met and fell in love and how he came to be. The first part of the book talks about how we met at a bar (we were set up and it was a group outing). I was reading the story to George before bed tonight and this was our conversation:

George:”Mom, why did you and dad go play darts without me?”

Me:”Well, you weren’t born yet. You were in mommy’s heart at that time. Then you were in mommy’s belly, and then you came out.”

George:”Yep, I was in your belly and I hammered my way out. I hit your belly with the hammer until it broke. Then I ate all my vegetables and grew really big and strong.”

I fucking love kids. Boy kids.

Railroad Tank Cars

Whenever we’re driving somewhere, George always watches for trains, and he can usually spot them from his car seat. Being in Minnesota, we see a lot of railroad tank cars hauling oil from North Dakota.

George:”Look Daddy! Those are tanker cars.”

Ross:”Yes they are. Do you know what’s in there?”

George:”Yep. There’s milk in there.”