George’s 4th Birthday Party

I’m way overdue posting about George’s 4th Birthday, but it was great weather and we went to the greenhouse again like last year. The greenhouse is quickly becoming a tradition because they have so many fun things for kids to do and it’s a beautiful time of year to be outside.

George and his girlfriends

George and his girlfriends in the gazebo at the greenhouse

I love the boy George is becoming. He loves being around other kids – boys and girls equally. When we were trick-or-treating, he ran up to a little girl dressed like a princess and said “Wow – I really love your costume; it’s so pretty!” My heart just melted because of the sweetness…!

George and his friends riding on the train

George and his friends riding on the train (Julius didn’t want to go!)

We bought a PJ Masks birthday cake edible frosting top on Amazon for like $9 but it ended up being kind of a fail because it needed to chill overnight even though the directions said 3 hours. It was still kind of sticky and tacky so I was pissed. I’d totally try it again but it’s going in the freezer for an entire day and night before the party next time. I managed to salvage the characters off it and the cake still looked decent – just not as nice as if the entire cake top was intact. Ross laughs at me because I always try crazy shit to save money and it usually bites me in the ass. It either takes more time than is worth the savings or it’s just a total fail. It makes for good stories though. One time we bought a shower curtain at a dollar store and put it up and it was as thin as saran wrap…no lie. It wrapped around your legs instead of actually staying put because it was so thin!

We invited George's friends from preschool

We invited George’s friends from preschool

I know George enjoyed his party, and that’s all that matters. He didn’t know the difference with the cake and I think as parents we put too much pressure on ourselves. All he cared about was the fact everyone was there to celebrate with him. ♥

When the kids went stir-crazy they could go on the playground equipment

When the kids went stir-crazy they could go on the playground equipment