Progress update!

We’re getting so close! The minute the trim went on, I started getting excited. I mean, it’s not like I wasn’t excited about the studs and garage floor and roof (pssst: I wasn’t) but the finishing touches are so much more impactful! My mother-in-law stopped over and she nearly walked into a wall upstairs because she was so distracted by the bathroom finishings, haha. That’s what we’re going for…we want everyone to walk into walls because they’re so busy swiveling their head around! Here’s some photos of the current progress and a shnazzy video tour (don’t worry, the music is just the intro, not through the whole video).

All that’s left is window flower boxes and shutters (I have some big flower pots full of annuals for the stairs)


Understair storage

First coat of primer on the stairs

Upstairs hallway (bathroom door at the end of the hall)

Upstairs bathroom

Upstairs bath with clawfoot tub

Master bedroom upstairs

Second upstairs bedroom

Third bedroom downstairs

Dining room

Living room

View of the kitchen from the dining area

View of the kitchen from the rear of the home

View of the kitchen from the entryway hallway

Downstairs bath (this is on your right when you come in the back door)

Exterior Ideas

When I first laid eyes on the rental property, I fell in love with the simple bungalow-type of exterior. It is so plain that I can easily visualize adding a porch, some spectacular trim around the door, some chunky posts, thick window trim and black shutters. The white siding is so classic and any black trim or shutters will really be set off from the house. The upper window is begging…pleading…for some shutters.



I can see adding a few bushes in the front for curb appeal but for now I want to focus on the exterior itself, so it says “WELCOME…You. Should. Live. Here.” The exterior needs to look like it’s been loved… right now it looks like a jilted lover left standing in the rain.

Some ideas I have:

Extend the front steps into an actual porch like this. The current dormer above the front door looks to only be about a foot or two out from the house. If we add a porch, we would likely have to extend/rebuild the dormer. The current situation includes some flimsy-looking wrought iron which has to go, anyway.

I think we can lose the triangle part above the door and have the flat roof on the porch extended all the way across like this. I’d love to bulk up the trim around the front door like this inspiration photo (spied while driving to the post office this morning). Thick window trim like this house has (but in black) would be an awesome addition too.



For posts and railings, I like the idea of three posts, one on either side of the front door, then another on the left side of the porch. A little wooden railing would be cute – kind of like this. Here is a very rough sketch of what I’m envisioning (in my head it looks way better!). We might probably will change our mind on some of this but for now these are the key features I’d like to see. I’m sure Ross has some functional exterior upgrades that he will prioritize over the porch. Like, oh yeah, a new roof. Boo.