Progress Update #5!

The weather has been so weird….umm climate change anyone? We had like 50 mph wind gusts the other night. I kept thinking of the deer hiding out in the woods for some reason! Also praying there were no humans out in that wind, of course.

I did a video tour back in November, which was very warm with temps almost to 70 degrees! Everyone was all “Yay, it’s summer again!” but I was just plain freaked out. Still am…how does it go from 70 to below freezing that quickly? Anyway, the video tour is bright and sunny (balmy) so that explains that. I’ve been meaning to post it for awhile!

Ross installing our fire detectors in the dining room

Walking into the downstairs bedroom which is right off the dining room

View from the downstairs bedroom into the dining room

Entry staircase we need to refinish and under-stair storage -we are storing brick there temporarily!

Kitchen – we have appliances and that’s about it!

The downstairs bathroom – can’t believe it is the same room as before…INCREDIBLE!

Downstairs living room (those are brand-new toilets in the boxes, ha!)

The upstairs bathroom is such a gem! I LOVE how it turned out…even better than in my head.

The sink-side of the upstairs bathroom with new frosted window

The upstairs hallway with refinished floors and new staircase window to let light in


The upstairs master is both my and Ross’ favorite room…it’s super cozy and we love the chimney

We stole some space from the bedroom for a large walk-in closet (not original to these old homes!)

We haven’t painted the second upstairs bedroom but I’m going to stage it like a nursery

This closet is original! And small! Perfect for a nursery.

Living room entry doorway

When we did our initial walk-throughs and brainstorms, Ross and I talked about opening the doorway between the dining room and the kitchen. This was important, not for ‘open concept,’ but for the primary reason of letting more light into the kitchen. There is a nice big window in the dining room, and although there is a big window above the sink and [now] light coming from the front door via the staircase hallway, the light from the dining room window was cut off by a wall. Expanding that doorway by even a foot or two would allow the light from the dining room window to shine into the kitchen.

View of narrow doorway from the dining room into the kitchen

View of narrow doorway from the dining room into the kitchen


Too-small and unfortunately-placed kitchen doorway

Too-small and unfortunately-placed kitchen doorway

Here is the same view, panning from the downstairs bedroom to the living room:

Here is the view from the opposite side showing the dining room window which should allow more light into the kitchen (after the doorway is widened up):

With our initial doorway conversation in mind, Ross went ahead and surprised me with another widened doorway! One I really wasn’t expecting. I don’t really like surprises – one time Ross wanted to surprise me by installing corner guard all around our house (what!? yuck! never!). But this surprise was a good surprise.

He [surprise!] widened the doorway entrance from the front door to the living room. I hadn’t even thought of this! It looks awesome, and makes a huge difference when you walk through the front door and are greeted with a large entrance to the living room on your immediate left.

We’ll have to find some hard-to-match trim for the new extended doorways but we already assumed we would have to make at least one trip to a salvage shop eventually. I love the new, wider doorways between both the kitchen and dining room and entryway and living room!

The doorway between the entry and living room before (notice the 2x4 wall near the door)

The doorway between the entry and living room before (notice the 2×4 wall near the door)

New, wider doorway after

New, wider doorway after

Too-small and unfortunately-placed kitchen doorway

Kitchen doorway before


Kitchen doorway after

Kitchen doorway after