Finale Tour! Finally….the remodel (rebuild!) is complete!

We have everything just how we want it — so I snapped some pics and took a video of the final house presentation –> basically this is as good as it gets…WE ARE DONE!! We told our realtor slash friend “It’s been three years of blood, sweat and arguments, but we’re done.” Truly, we didn’t fight about it THAT MUCH. It was mostly the following points of contention:

I didn’t want to try concrete counters…because it was pretty experimental…we weren’t sure what it would look like at the end of the day, but they look amazing! I admit it, I was wrong for not wanting to do concrete counters.

Also, I didn’t want Ross to paint the leaded glass door for the upstairs bath. It was a beautiful solid wood door, and in my head I pictured a polished wood door with leaded glass warming up all that cold, sterile white tile. However, now that it is in and it’s painted white, the leaded glass is really the main focal point, and mimics the black and white patterns all over the tile, and the natural wood might have detracted from the leaded glass. In all honesty, either wood or white, it doesn’t really matter, the door itself is just killer cool. It’s stupid shit like that that we fought about that doesn’t even impact the house.

Ross wasn’t a big fan of my “hello” decal idea on the door — which I think adds huge curb appeal and gives the house personality. Now that it’s done, he admits it looks great — maybe he thought it was going to look like a small sticker on the door or something, but I actually painted it, so it doesn’t look cheap.

Ross wanted to build some sort of shelving or storage built-ins under the stairs, until I nixed the idea. Now that it’s nice and open under there, with hooks and a bench, he likes it and is glad we didn’t do all the additional work on that area.

Still on my list — I want to do side by side comparisons of areas that were overhauled in a big way, like the bathrooms, the staircase, the kitchen cabinets, the pantry corner, the grossly-carpeted living room…and the master with new walk-in closet of course!

I also have a concrete countertop post sitting in my drafts. I kind of feel like Ross should write it, but he refuses, so that’s why it’s been pending so long…I’m hoping he fires up the laptop and writes it himself. I’m going to sound like an idiot because I didn’t touch those counters, haha.

Here are the pictures of our fourth baby…and a walk-through video of course. It’s really satisfying to see it finished!! #alloureggs

Notice my “hello” decal on the door!

Shutters + window boxes added a lot!

We added some patio furniture to the back patio and our fire pit

The living room looks a lot bigger with furniture in it

The rugs and table fit perfectly, and it was just lucky because I bought them a long time ago

The downstairs bedroom is right off the dining room

The downstairs bathroom is now off the back hallway; we moved the original door which led into the kitchen

This built-in we put together from an antique buffet; it could function as a pantry to store baking goods or could store dishware.

We added a farmhouse table instead of an island – we definitely needed more “workspace” in the kitchen but didn’t want to close it in any more with more wall cabinets

I was nervous about breaking the “kitchen work triangle” design concept but it totally works!

I love the space under the stairs – the possibilities are endless!

We used Edison bulbs on the staircase fixture to [hopefully] add a little industrial look

That leaded glass door is a surprise gem at the end of the hallway!

We debated adding more storage to the right of the sink, but I liked how spacious it was and figured someone could always add a stand/shelf if they want later on

The opposite side of the upstairs bath has a clawfoot tub

I staged the second upstairs bedroom as a nursery

The shiplap makes the master super cozy and cottage-like

The walk-in closet space was the extra corner left over after the bathroom expansion

We expanded the chimney in the master in order to cover up the ductwork/chaseway that we didn’t just want to block out with drywall