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I’m Jill, and my husband Ross and I are starting a business – a rental property. So far so good with this little side-hustle. Of course, that is likely to change at any moment. Come along as we put all of our eggs in one basket and hope they don’t break!

Julius | Jill | Ross | George

Our sons are way more popular than either of their parents, especially with the over-40 set and under-10 set. If your age falls somewhere in between, we might have a chance in hell you are actually interested in us or our rental business. Otherwise, may we present, our oldest son, George:

George meeting Thomas the Train in Duluth

Not to be outdone, Julius is the newest addition to our “work crew” and he, also, has a few beloved fat rolls! He loves to do upright planks and to watch his older brother run circles around him (literally). We are squeezing every second of cuddle-time we can out of the first year while we work hard on his college fund slash rental property.

Julius loves to eat grass

This is where we share all of our successes, failures and short- and long-term planning. We share some of the ways we save money – although our methods won’t work for everyone. You do you. We save money on purpose because we spend money on accident. This is real life…ish happens.

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