Landscaping plan for the entire yard (thanks Lowe’s!)

Ross and I hesitated for a hot second on how much landscaping we should actually do. I mean, our yard at home desperately needs new mulch and we need to move and split a bunch of flowers and plants, so it’s hard to just ignore all of that and spend a few days landscaping at our “other house.” But in the end, it was really important to show off the nice new patio and walkway and front steps and make it seem more like a home than just a rental that no one cares about.

The exterior just needs shutters and we may do window boxes for flowers too

We did a square flower bed in the front yard with some pink iris from our house and some yellow flowers in front

I planted some of the ‘rosey glow’ barberry at our house, next to my hasta, but it’s hard to see for the weeds :/

In fact, I just had coffee with my girlfriend from high school and found out they sold their home in Richfield and bought a house about three blocks away. I asked her why…if it was just a bigger home or nicer home…and she said it was a little bit bigger but the kitchen was actually the same size or smaller…so I asked her what really stood out to them about the new house. Guess what she said? THE LANDSCAPING! Her exact words as I recall were “You could just tell someone put a lot of thought into the landscaping; it was laid out so ย nice.” She said there is always something in bloom and she really enjoys their outside spaces. What are the chances I hear that from her, just as we are debating going to town on the landscaping at our property?? Crazy.

George was promoted to lead landscaper ๐Ÿ˜‰

George was really trying to dig but needed our help to loosen the dirt first

George and Julius helped water the plants, aka played in the water ๐Ÿ˜‰

I found a great sale on plants at a greenhouse in the Twin Cities and was able to stock up for under $200, which I think it kind of a steal for the bigger bushes and junipers! Let’s just say I called for a quote from a different greenhouse/nursery and it was twice that price for the same stuff. So prices must vary pretty wildly depending on where you order from or what is “in stock” price versus special order.

We transplanted lily from our house into an “L” shape along the garage and neighbor’s property line

Julius loves to find rocks lately and kept throwing mulch pieces into a bucket of water –kept him busy though!

Look at that guy! I just love my baby boy. <3

I actually found the general design I wanted from this great guide from Lowe’s on Pinterest! When full-grown, it should lend a huge amount of privacy to the patio area that is missing today. What I ended up buying was 3 Junipers (they’re supposed to get as tall as 8 feet!), 3 yellow smoke bushes (these can get up to 10 feet tall!), 5 ‘rosey glow’ red barberry bushes, and purple ajuga ground cover, which I want to plant at our house too because it looks fabulous when it spreads out. I’ve already found more ajuga from a local on craigslist!

We followed the Lowe’s design pretty closely

The yellow smoke bush I substituted for the cypress because it was so tall already

The boys were so proud of their hard work!

Currently, we have a ton of yellow sedum ground cover at our own house, and I actually had the boys dig some of it up to plant at our project house. We just bought them cute little mini shovels and they are not the best at digging, but the ground cover was shallow enough that they were able to help transplant it! With minimal assistance, haha.

The sedum ground cover we took from one of our flower beds at home and used it over at the project house

George put on his work gloves and helped momma split the lilys up. Yes, my trunk is now filthy.

We piled up sedum in the boys’ Sears wagon

I know it was 90 degrees and sunny, and we would have rather have been out on the boat or playing on the beach, but truthfully, days we spend working hard like this are what our boys will remember, hopefully forever. I want them to know how to dig, I want them to know how to play and have fun while working hard. It’s important for me to see them running around and making up games instead of sitting inside playing on their Leapfrogs, or being entertained by mom and dad at the cabin. It’s very satisfying to me to see them make up games to keep themselves busy with just some water in a bucket. I hear them laugh and run and I know they will remember working at our project house all together as a family!

We transplanted daylilys for the opposite side of the patio

It’s a mix of orange and red daylilys and there may even be a random pink iris in there (per Ross)