Homemade Valentines

With George being two, this is the first year we can really celebrate Valentines Day. I’m glad the holiday is on a Saturday this year so we can plan a “family” date and not be rushed or tired. I thought a fun tradition would be a fondue dinner each Valentine’s Day. Based on the [expen$ive] experiences I’ve had at Melting Pot, I plan to try this meat fondue recipe to cook tenderloin, shrimp and spinach ravioli. I’m not 100% certain on the ravioli…that might be too much food.

I want to try this cheese fondue recipe with broccoli and sourdough bread. The gruyere cheese was kind of expensive – like $15! But of course we’d be spending a lot more if we went out to eat.

For dessert, I have an excellent chocolate fondue recipe from a coworker:

  • 12 oz bag Ghirardelli¬†60% cacao chocolate chips
  • 3/4 cup Half-and-Half
  • 1-2 Tbsp coffee flavored liquor (or sub vanilla)

We’ll dip bananas, strawberries and pound cake. I’m sure George will freak. #chocolatemonster

I wanted to send Valentines to daycare on the Friday before the holiday, and at first I assumed we’d grab some Thomas the Train valentines from a store. After I thought about it – I realized that would be pretty generic, and it would be more meaningful to make valentines with George. We followed this toilet paper roll stamp tutorial and this Martha Stewart¬†crayon wax tutorial. However, George was only interesting in crafting for about 2-3 minutes with each project. LAME. They turned out awesome though! Too bad it was kind of a mom-craft instead of a kid-craft. #womp


Homemade valentines

Homemade valentines

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